" Hey guys! My name is Christina and I’m an international professional fine art photographer and photojournalist. I travel together with my husband, who is also a photographer, all over the world. Producing photojournalistic books and fine art prints.   

Being self employed was my choice but it sure is a challenge. I believe though when a person is patient and eager enough to chase after a goal and follow his dreams, he can achieve anything. 

Photography has changed my life completely. I’ve become a better person. When you travel to countries where poverty rules, you learn to appreciate certain things and people in your life. You feel the need to help the world and this is what my husband and I are working on towards. A huge percent of our books’ or prints’ profits are being donated to charity organizations. 

For more information: www.leeandchristina.com "

" Hey there! My name is Monika and I'm currently studying Equestrian Therapy and at the same time, I'm preparing for my Riding Instructor License. 

Horses have always been my passion ever since I was little, so it is really thrilling to me that I am trying to make my long life hobby, my profession. 

As a side hobby I do photography, and so I take care of the pictures of our fluffs in Greece. 

" Hello! My name is Eva and I’m a german tutor. I was born in Vienna, Austria. 

I studied and worked in the radiology field until I moved to Greece in 1986, and have lived here consistently ever since. 

I've always been fond of the intricacies of linguistics, my native German in particular.

For the last 15 years I have used my talent to help people of all ages, young and old alike, not only to learn but to thrive with the German language. 

I enjoy helping people and I’m always there for them whenever they need help with something. 

For more information: www.evateaches.com "

" Hello! My name is Lee Browning and I'm a photographer. I was born in Arkansas, USA.

The first ambition of my youth was photography. Over the years, my course has passed from law to the performing arts, computer science, and finance – serendipitously picking up some incredibly useful skills along the way. Even pursuing my private pilot’s license has the bias of photographic purpose. My road has always led me back to photography, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have this as my professional focus in life.

From my perspective, it is not enough to simply photograph a place that is visually striking; to tell a story, a photograph must incorporate the deep threads of our world’s history for it to realize a greater purpose. This purpose should be for wholesome benefit of the viewer – to please the eye and stimulate the mind. This leads me on a quest to seek out the most interesting places and peoples of the world, not only to capture them, but attempt to understand their meaning as well. This is a journey without end, and my life is all the better for it. "

For more information: www.leebrowningezell.com | www.leeandchristina.com


This is a relatively new idea of ours and we can't wait to fill up the album with many more memories! 

Here you can find pictures of our day to day activities, even of some of our photography adventures, and of all our family member, animals included.