We would like to address that first of all, if you are looking for a cat as a companion, you should adopt and rescue a stray, absolutely! 

We have had many stray cats that we've rescued through our life, living with us as pets their entire lives, and they are very lovable. 

If however, you absolutely want a specific breed for whatever reason, we would like to strongly advise you NOT to buy from a pet store, a backyard breeder, or a non-registered breeder - research instead to find a reputable, ethical, and responsible registered breeder.

Backyard breeders and pet stores are extremely cruel business models.

Please read these third-party articles to find out more about "kitty mills" and backyard breeders:

Now that we have that covered, and you have an idea of what a responsible breeder is versus a backyard breeder, we can explain to you why the kitten you are wanting to adopt from us has an adoption fee. 

On our Pawpeds G2 course, we were asked to fill out an Excel table that shows all our expenses per cat and litter. We would like to share this with you. 

As you can see, having a hobby like that and being ethical and responsible about it, is not going to make us any profit. However, it is going to help us provide our kittens and cats the best quality of necessities so we can continue producing healthy, lovely tempered and excellent type kittens. 


We completely understand that you don't want to pay an adoption fee for just a beautiful cat, either. The adoption fee will be for: 

  • A pedigreed / fully registered kitten.
  • An up-to-date, vaccinated, dewormed, and healthy kitten.
  • A kitten raised with a loving temper.
  • A well socialized and adjusted kitten. 
  • A kitten out of DNA, ECHO, and X-RAY tested parents.
  • A microchipped kitten.

We want to note though, that we are very particular about our kittens and the way we raise them up, which cats we choose for our breeding program and everything we put into this hobby; it takes time, patience, responsibility and a lot of expenses. But the most important thing, is that it takes a lot of love. Our kittens and cats are our children and we treat them like that and we expect you to treat them like this as well. Breeding is not always a beautiful world and throughout our experiences we have learned a lot that we can advise you to do or prevent doing for the best of your kitten which we will be very glad and happy to do for you. We request news and pictures from our kittens very often as well, so we hope you won't get annoyed by that ha-ha. 

Also, when you will adopt your kitten you will also receive these :

  • a record with all titles and health certificates from its' parents
  • its' passport, which includes all health records 
  • a bag full of toys
  • a bag full of treats and food that the kitten is used to
  • its' pedigree
  • its' contract of adoption