I will start this story by expressing something veeeeeery important when you're on any photography trip. You have to do things right from the very beginning! That means: music on, comfortable "road trip" clothes, but most importantly, coffee! Lots of it, and preferably Starbucks... 

It just sets the mood right.  

So after our trip to the Lake Ouachita last time, we decided to visit Lake Catherine. Neither of them very far from our home, and both have nice waterfalls through their forest areas. 

As photographers you can get some crazy ideas in your head. Waterfalls, and cats? Is that even possible? 

Well, we chose the waterfall "Falls Creek Falls" - a beautiful location with a 10 minute shortcut hike. So in case our beloved fluffs didn't approve of it, we could just hike back and go home. 

But something wasn't adding up... The sign was a little bit misleading compared to the map we looked at. Just follow the red mark on the trees...

And so we did! 

Our legs became weaker, cats became heavier, our shoulders...what shoulders? Slowly we started to realize that 10 minutes were already over and we were 30 minutes into the hike. 

And what a hike it was! Bless my mom's heart; she is a true trooper! Giving her some support with my tripod so she can cross over the "trail". 

And what troopers these sweet boys were too! However, I do genuinely believe they enjoyed every minute of the hike - just being in nature, watching us struggle and slide down the trail (only once that happened!). 

I don't know if you can see it, but this is my mom's "Oh no..." look and my "You gotta be kidding me"! Further down you can see the trail. I think its safe to say we took the wrong way, but we were very close. 

And here it is! Breathtaking location. 

Well, decent enough for a picture, right Moby? 

Getting ready for Moby's photo. 

I wonder a lot of times about my husband...but sometimes, I'm left without words. While I was taking the previous picture, suddenly I see through the lens Lee's head poking in. I lowered my camera and looked again. Sure enough there he is climbing in front of all the people underneath (and getting stuck right next to the waterfall) just in case he could find a better spot. Ooookay...

"That ith jutht too embarrathing, I iz gone" - Moby

We are back to normal and are finally continuing with the shot! 

Looks pretty good, doesn't it? You absolutely HAVE to have a tripod you can trust your camera on such an angle and slippery rock! Thank you Really Right Stuff TVC-45 for never disappointing! 

Oh yes, looking good there Mobs! Some exploring before going near the waterfall. 

Needless to say, the only challenge with Moby is to make him move. The trick with him? Cuddles and pettings on the "Oh yes, scratch the hind" area. Eventually he woke up and walked towards us and we got the shot! 

He is really something else. Impressive, massive and majestic coonie. 


But we weren't done yet. There was still Quigley left! Time to visit the waterfall pool area underneath. Packing up. 




And this is the spot! A great shot that my sister Monica took. It looks just like from a fairytale! 

Quigley got big and excited eyes the moment he came out the bag! His first time outside and on a leash as well! 

So many new smells! So many leaves, so much to chew on and destroy and worry mom in case of eating something poisonous :D 

Hold on a minute! What is daddy doing over there?! 

And what is this loud noise and huge water sink?? 

He just has to touch and feel the water! Quigley quickly realized, this is going to be a very fun experience for him! 

Without a second thought, we knew he wouldn't mind getting a little closer to the falls. He didn't mind the people hiking around us, nor the dog (on a leash) that detected him. Quigley was a very brave kitty and a curious one as well! 

Little Quigley wanted to walk all over those stones and I couldn't keep up with him. He was so interested about the leaves on the water and the stick that we teased him with to get him to look into the camera.

We did have one small incident, where Quigs got too excited and jumped on the actual flash modifier (the white umbrella looking thing) but nothing got destroyed and nobody got too wet. Quigley remained calm - and naughty! Photo captured the moment before he landed on the flash modifier:

We also got a hilarious video of him playing on that rock. See for yourself: 


It is hard to believe that this shot is even real, but it 100% is. Quigley was absolutely a star and a show off monkey. We are so very proud of him and can't wait to repeat this adventure since he loved it so much as well. 

On our way back, we discovered the 10 minute trail thankfully, since we both had soaking wet (and freezing!) shoes and we all were exhausted. 

Exhausted, but happy. And...we still had leftover Starbucks! 



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It was a really moody morning - my family and I were sipping at our coffee, thinking what to do for the day since we already finished all the chores. 

I looked outside the windows of our dining room and noticed a beautiful dark blanket of clouds all over our land. I immediately showed my husband, Lee, and he thought the same as I did...fantastic photo opportunity. 

Then my mother and sister had the idea to go with one of our cats to the lake, and see if we could get some nice shots. It was quite brilliant, and without a second thought we all hurried up to get ready before any unexpected rain comes.

Luckily we live only a few minutes from Lake Ouachita, but even while short, the drive was beautiful going up, through, and around the Ouachita mountains. 

We decided to bring two cats with us; father and son to be exact. Our white King CH MetatronEyes Mobydick and his son MetatronEyes Lee Browning. Really thankful for those SturdiBags, because they certainly distributed these boys' weight nicely and they always stayed level during the hike. 

Almost...level. Ha! 

In reality, the area we were wanting to go photograph was closed to the public during the winter season - however, we got permission from the park to "trespass". Unfortunately, we couldn't drive to it, but a little hike and some fresh air can't harm too much! 


Tell you what, carrying 70lbs worth of equipment, and 37lbs (together) worth of fluffs is gonna make you sore the next day! 

Back to the trip! 

Finally after 30 minutes of hiking, we arrived at our most favorite and secret location! I truly believe that Lake Ouachita is one of the best - if not the best - lakes in Arkansas. The water is so beautiful and crystal clear. There is no trash, not many people, zero buildings or houses - just a very unique and peaceful location. 

So, time to set up our photo! Clouds are still as captivating as they can be. The dull light creates a moody atmosphere and a subtle texture on the rocks. 


We start with Lee's grooming. Fancy grooming table, don't you think? Haha 

This is his very first time outside in wide open nature, and his very first time on a leash. We did not expect him to be so eager to explore every rock on the ground! Fascinating temperament. 

Tail up! Ears forward, serious look...he is ready! 

He lead my mom towards the water. You can see my husband setting up a shot. He is very quiet and focused - he figured out a nice one, I thought to myself...

On a second thought, Lee turned a sharp right on his way to sniff some seaweed. "Gotta check those things out, might be the next catnip!" 

Not too impressed. What about this water though? 


Big thank you to my sister - also very good photographer - for taking this shot that perfectly describes our "husband and wife" photography team. I have to admit, we cooperate much more harmoniously now. Some years ago, we would probably argue over who is gonna push the button! Now we just get the job done haha.

You asked us how we had him on that rock. First of all, no, it wasn't photoshopped. He was LOVING it there. He knew he looked like a King overlooking his private lake. 

How we made him look forward? We started throwing little stones in the water and he would trace them with his eyes. That gave us some excellent profile shots of him, however it wasn't the "epic" shot we were hoping for. 



But then it happened. All of a sudden he saw something in the far distance, on his own, and he froze. That was the shot! 

We cannot express strongly enough, just how proud we are of him. The fact that it was literally his first time on a leash, and outside with boats passing by, and overall in a foreign environment for an adult cat; it makes us as breeders extremely thankful and proud to have bred such a sweet and socialized Maine Coon. If he wasn't enjoying it, if he wasn't feeling comfortable, then we wouldn't be able to create this Fine Art piece. It is important for everyone to enjoy photography, model included. 

In addition to that, we wouldn't be able to make this photo without everyone's help. Working as a team gives you the best success. 

Speaking of teamwork... Here we see a wonderful view of my mother and sister rushing their way back to the car, because it was a bit overwhelming - the whole "Fine Art Photography" experience/adventure. Not sure if it would be a good idea to take them with us on our seriously extended photography projects. :D

It was a lovely day spent with my family and two of our furrkids. 

As you can imagine, it is very special for us to finally incorporate both of these incredibly important aspects of our lives (cats and photography) into the one cohesive endeavor! 

It is a direct extension of our primary career as photojournalists and fine art photographers; you may find more about us in this regard here: www.leeandchristina.com 

As far as our " Maine Coon Fine Art Photography " projects - stay tuned! More is coming soon!

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We would like to announce the echo screening results for HCM and PKD of our very first King that started MetatronEyes! 
CH Mascotte AirishCoon, aka Devian. 

With 6 years of age he still has clear results. 

We are so happy and proud that we chose this cat to start with. He is by no means perfect but (so far) he has been super healthy - never showed any sign of illness. 

He is father, grand father, and great grandfather to many of our cats - and getting such great results back means a lot to us. 

He is retired and enjoying a pet life with us. We have kept him for many personal reasons, and a very important factor is to continue health screening him since he’s the foundation of our lines. 

We love you so much Devian. Hoping and praying that you’ll continue to be the healthy retired stud muffin you are. 

Thank you to his breeder Viktoriya for entrusting us this boy 6 years ago, time certainly flew by fast.



Welcome our new stud muffin!

Drum roll please :D

Let us present to you our new super cute stud muffin, only 4 months old! 

GR* MetatronEyes Quigley Down Under! 

I knew from the very first moment he was born, that he would be the one. I’ve been waiting patiently for him to join our US*MetatronEyes team, and when I saw him in person I was not disappointed. 

He is such a strong boned boy, very heavy with beautiful coat. 

I really love everything about him. Ears, expression, muzzle, fantastic fantastic profile and a temper to die for. And, his little white ear fluffs are exceptionally cute. 

His color is also very dear to me. 

We have already great plans with Quigley :) 

So, welcome little sweetie <3 

Big thanks to my family for raising such an amazing kitten with fantastic temperament. 

Hope you guys like our little boy. Can’t wait to share with you his development and his journey with us :)


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The " Sophistikitty " cat tree!

Let us present to you (one of) our early homemade Christmas presents for our fluffs!

The “ Sophistikitty “ cat tree! 

It is a medium sized tree that fits perfectly in the corner of our dinning room and the natural color suits our furniture there as well. The limbs are spread in a way that makes it look very three dimensional and balanced. 

We sanded this one over 9 months ago and two days ago we just had some free time to finally finish it! It only took two afternoons worth of work and $100 worth of material. ($30 for the natural cotton rope, and $70 for the pre-cut round wood pieces - it would be cheaper to cut them on our own, which we already are doing for a much much bigger cat tree that we still have in progress in the garage haha) 

For a 5ft tall cat tree that weighs 80lbs, is homemade out of crazy strong iron wood, and looks somewhat “sophisticated” the price isn’t that bad ( Yes, the wood was free from our land ) 

Anyway, it was just a quick project. We really want to fill up our house with homemade cat trees and even though it takes a while, it is really worth it for the fluffs! 

Hope you like it as much as we do.

Also, yes - it took just as long as you imagined to get a shot of them all sitting like this haha

This is actually a great representation of a family tree. 

Our big boy MetatronEyes Lee Browning on the right. 
Our beautiful mama Unicum Yara on the far left. 
Our offspring MetatronEyes Ottie in the middle, and her sister Odette up high. The only one missing is their little brother Ody since he’s in his new home. 

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TAG #9909 & #9910

We have been super busy these couple of months!

We would like to sincerely apologize for not having been able to post more updated pictures of our fluffs! We had our Nikon D700 die off during the last photoshoot, and it has been absent for repair ever since. 

However, there has been a much bigger reason for our absence. 

These guys right here! 

We weren’t planning at all on adding two horses to our family, but we couldn’t ignore the post we saw on the Facebook page of a Kill Pen in Oklahoma. 

These horses’ deadline to separate the colt from the mother so she could to go to Mexico for slaughter was the very next day after we first saw the post. Without a second thought, we decided that we had to do whatever we could to rescue them. 

We still remember the rush in everything. Taking care of the payment ASAP to keep her off the truck, creating a quarantine space for them here, scheduling a vet to come out to check on them in case they needed antibiotics as they were in rough condition, getting the right feed for the underweight mare and her baby without shocking their systems, and finally, finding a reputable transport company to bring them to us all the way from Oklahoma to Arkansas. 

It has been a crazy time for sure. The baby never had any hands on him before, and therefor was extremely skittish and non-trusting. I, Christina, have been working with him non-stop every day and I’m usually the one who answers your emails - so lately I haven’t been too good about answering immediately. I apologize for that, but at the same time, Hidalgo (the colt’s name) has been a very important priority for me. 

On a positive note, Hidalgo has become a very trusting colt that loves to be petted and we are currently working on the leading and soon weaning part.

Rain, the mama, has been very sweet from the very beginning and who knew, she is also pregnant! Two weeks before we got her, she was bred - probably within one of the auctions.

So, a lot of our spare time has been dedicated to them (as well as the usual projects we are working on). 

But! We have much exciting news for the cattery and can’t wait to share it with you soon. 

Thank you for all your understanding and patience. 

You can read Hidalgo and Rain’s story on our photography Instagram page. 

Have a wonderful Friday!

All the best,

Rain &amp; Hidalgo the day they arrived.&nbsp;

Rain & Hidalgo the day they arrived. 


Raw Feeding Miami Review


Raw Feeding Miami Review


Anyone who raw feeds their four legged kids, knows about Raw Feeding Miami!! And if they don't, they're missing out! 

Why? We'll get into that in a minute! 

We have always been great fans of RFM, and have always wanted to try their products - well, for our cats to try them, that is. 

Raw Feeding Miami is a company that chooses carefully their ingredients so they can be " grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free, all natural, or USDA grade "

They also have a wide variety of products, which is very important for a balanced raw diet. Not only that, but a special variety of supplements we haven't seen anywhere else. 

In addition to that they've got some really neat bulk packs, as well as starter packs for beginners - which is really awesome and helpful when you first start raw feeding. 

Before we get into the goodies, we would like to point out RFM's presentation of their products and company overall. 

Something that really is important to us is feeling a sense of closeness and transparency when dealing with people or companies, especially sources that we order our cats' food from.

RFM definitely earned our trust through their honest, well-written story on their website; sharing their personal experience and reasoning behind the foundation of their company. Through their very professional presentation, it seems they have invested a lot of time to make a beautiful and well working website. Also, they have shared a lot of articles to help guide beginners and explain a little about the whole raw diet idea. All this makes for a very comprehensively positive experience.

Plus, they are partners with one of the most important raw feeding websites we know - one we used personally as a guide to learn how to feed raw responsibly. 


  • Great and professional presentation 
  • Helpful information on their website
  • Promising vision for their products 

Let's see if their products are indeed what RFM claimed them to be. Just as importantly, how will their final condition be after two days of travel? And last - we will let the real, picky, and furry judges decide in the end. 

Let's open up our long-awaited raw-some RFM package! 

Yes, that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened that day, or week..or month!

Brrr! After not being able to feel our fingers, or knuckles, we can confirm that the packages have arrived safely, and were frozen rock hard! Wow! It actually had some frost on them, which we haven't seen before. 

Everything was packed in together nicely. The box had zero damage and it was simply thrilling when it arrived. 

There was no single item that was thawed out, or with any tears. Really impressed by their condition. It was delivered on time as well.

Let's take a more thorough look at each product, and review RFM's description of them.

Chicken grinds:

RFM's Description of product

Price: $3.75 (1 pound)

  • RFM's raw chicken blend
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free. Not enhanced
  • Our grinds are made following the 80/10/10 whole prey ratio
  • This item can be fed as a meal
  • Ideal for small breeds, cats, and dogs who try to swallow things whole
  • Contains ground up chicken: meat, bone, heart, liver, kidney
  • Cat owners are recommended to add a nutritional supplement such as Alnutrin
  • This listing is available in 2.5 LBS and 1 LB bags

First of all, let's point out that RFM uses the correct feeding ratio on this product. A balanced feeding ratio of 80/10/10, which is one of the most important factors when purchasing a product like this. For example, in Greece, raw feeding companies (that we have encountered) do not know / have not studied how to responsibly feed a balanced raw diet and therefor their ratios are out of line, and extremely dangerous for your pets. RFM has done their research. 

Furthermore, since it contains all the other important organs of the chicken, and since you don't have to buy them separately, the price is extremely acceptable. Not to mention, if you have a picky cat that doesn't want to eat the bone, it is already ground up in here. Also, it's a very fast and convenient way to feed raw. All in one package that is sealed very well, and every inch of it is filled up with raw. 


RFM's Description of product 

Price: $22.79 (5 pounds)

  • Whole duck gizzards
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free.  Not enhanced
  • Should be fed as boneless, as 80% of the diet
  • Already cleaned out
  • Very meaty, considered red meat
  • Smaller in size, great for all sized pets
  • This listing is for 5 LBS of product

This one is a heavy fella! Filled up with duck gizzards that's gonna last you for some time! Hormone and antibiotic free is always a pleasant thing to read – it is important to be able to feed clean meats to your animals, and since it is not always possible to afford organic products, RFM helps with their strict selection. 

A quick look through the frosty package, you can definitely see an intense red color poking out. 

Again, RFM's directions of feeding this product is spot on. 

So it's about $4.56 a pound, which compared to other companies is much cheaper, and some don't even carry it.  


RFM's Description of product

Price: $8.00 (3 ounces)

  • Dehydrated rabbit feet and ears
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free.  Not enhanced
  • Completely natural with no preservatives
  • Hair is still intact
  • Each bag has a mix of ears and feet
  • This listing is for 3 ounces of product

This product was cleverly packaged. It wasn't together with the frozen products, but they laid it on top of the plastic bags – since it didn't need to be kept cold. 

We have done some research and compared prices. Indeed, RFM's dehydrated rabbit feet & ears product is pricier than the rest we found and compared with. However; this bag includes ears as well and is again, hormone and antibiotic free with no preservatives. 

From what we see, the fur looks really clean, and everything feels well preserved. 

We are especially excited about this product!


RFM's Description of product

Price: $4.95 (2.5 pounds)

  • Raw Turkey Hearts
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free. Not enhanced
  • Should be fed as boneless, as 10% of the diet
  • Great substitute for pill pockets! 
  • Loaded with natural taurine, ideal for felines
  • Customer favorite!
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

The most important factor to point out here, is that again they have done their research. It is a very nutritious meat and extremely important for cats, like RFM states as well. 

The price is very good compared to other companies. 

This too arrived well frozen. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $6.00 (2.5 pounds)

  • RFM's raw ground beef lung
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free. Not enhanced
  • Should be fed as boneless, as 80% of the diet
  • Nice alternative to ground beef
  • Ideal for picky eaters
  • Contains ground up boneless beef lungs
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

We are thrilled to give our cats a taste of this! Fancy, fancy, fancy – package has a different design than the rest. 

Price is also very appropriate. Again, great and accurate recommendation on the feeding ratio. Another healthy source with no antibiotics or hormones. 

The texture seems really nice, with deep red natural coloring. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $4.60 (2.5 pounds)

  • Whole pieces of turkey liver
  • Should be fed as organ, as 5% of the diet
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free
  • Sourced in NC
  • Not enhanced
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

We cannot see so much yet, since it is still frosty and frozen solid! 

It sounds very promising, again with no additives. Correct recommended feeding ratio. 

Compared to others, price is very competitive. 

Excited to take a closer look later on! 

Package perfectly sealed with no leaks. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $4.75 (1 pound)

  • RFM's raw turkey blend
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free. Not enhanced
  • Our grinds are made following the 80/10/10 prey model ratio
  • This item can be fed as a meal
  • Loaded with natural taurine
  • Ideal for small breeds, cats, and dogs who swallow things whole
  • Cat owners are recommended to add a nutritional supplement such as Alnutrin
  • Contains ground up turkey: bone, thighs, heart, liver
  • This listing is for 1 LB and 2.5 LBS of product

We can't get over of how neatly packaged this product is, and what a beautiful color the meat has! 

Again, correct prey model ratio, and something that we think is pretty cool; the selection of meat parts. Instead of adding a cheaper source of muscle meat, they choose to add thighs which is high in taurine – perfect for those feline fluffs. That's dedication right there, and no cutting corners! Good job on that one! 

We compared other turkey grinds products, and realized that not many companies carry this in particular - and the ones who do have added more bone variety, no muscle meat, and only organs, so that the ratio is out of balance. 

No complaints about the price. Very fair.  

Package arrived frozen and with no damage. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $10.85 (2.5 pounds)

  • Boneless turkey thighs
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free.  Not enhanced
  • Should be fed as boneless, as 80% of the diet
  • High in taurine and great for cats & kittens
  • Easy to digest, great beginner item
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

Speaking of turkey thighs! Look at that fantastic package or rawliciousness!! Wow! It might be frozen, but we can clearly see how fresh and great quality the meat is!

Like mentioned before, turkey thighs are high in taurine and RFM knows that too, so it confirms the reason why they choose to put thighs in most of their grinds. 

Not too worried about this price either. Yes, it is slightly more expensive compared to chicken thighs – but personally, we can't get this locally, so we are thankful to have this product through RFM, no matter the price. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $4.85 (2.5 pounds)

  • Boneless pieces of chicken meat
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free.  Not enhanced
  • Should be fed as boneless, as 80% of the diet
  • Locally sourced in FL
  • Some batches can have some fatty pieces
  • Easy to feed, no cutting required
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

What are chicken trims?? If we judge by its color, we would say boneless pieces of chicken breast meat. It is relatively cheap and the meat has a nice color to it. The only negative issue for us personally, we always try to feed our cats darker meats for higher intake of taurine, and usually never get chicken breast for them, since we don't use any supplements. 

However; that doesn't mean there is something wrong with that product – just a slight worry of non experienced people thinking it is safe or appropriate to only feed this product since it is cheaper than other meat varieties would be – which pets definitely need. 

Can't wait for us to open this one up and write more about it!


RFM's Description of product

Price: $11.50 (2.5 pounds)

  • Ground boneless salmon meat
  • Should be fed as boneless, as 80% of the diet
  • Feed in moderation, very rich
  • Wild-caught from Alaska
  • Not enhanced
  • Replaces fish oil pumps for fresh omega 3's
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

Boneless salmon meat? Wild-caught in ALASKA?? Replaces fish oil pumps??? That's right up our alley!! Many of you who read our raw meal posts, know we do not use supplements at all. We have tried Salmon oil before, but weren't happy with it. 

The biggest issue here in Arkansas is to find wild-caught salmon from a good source. There's nowhere to get it locally! 

So this sounds extremely promising for a fantastic price!

Also, accurate warning about feeding in moderation due to richness of its meat.  

Package arrived frozen with no damage. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $15.50 (2.5 pounds)

  • Raw rabbit spines and ribs
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free.  Not enhanced
  • Should be fed as bone, as 10% of the diet
  • Soft, pliable bones, easy to chew through
  • Some batches can be fattier than others
  • This listing is for 2.5 LBS of product

We are pretty excited about this one! Since we choose to feed our cats (and dogs...and ferrets) chunks of meat, and whole pieces of bone instead of ground up, this is a nice change for them. Cats honestly need a lot of variety, or sometimes they will get tired of the same old things you give them. However, you cannot always find the right bones for felines at the local super market. This is a great alternative, which is also very affordable. 

Again, seems to be very high quality – great selection of bone parts, correct direction of feeding. RFM has really a wide variety of rabbit products, which is really neat. Rabbit is one of our cats' favorites, and we are excited to see what they think about this. 


RFM's Description of product

Price: $5.80 (1 pound)

  • RFM's raw duck blend
  • Hormone & Antibiotic free. Not enhanced
  • Our grinds are made following the 80/10/10 whole prey ratio
  • This item can be fed as a meal
  • Ideal for small breeds, cats, and dogs who swallow things whole
  • Cat owners are recommended to add a nutritional supplement such as Alnutrin
  • Contains ground up duck: meat, bone, heart, liver
  • This listing is for 1 LB or 2.5 LBS of product

...and the last of our products! 

Very similar to the previous grinds, so our review on them applies to this one as well. Price is higher than the chicken and turkey thighs, which is logical. 


Be warned! These images were shot in a more "food-styled" and graphic manner than the previous photos! Our excitement turned into creativity! 


Alright folks! Check out that nice texture and great color! We love the fact that you can still see individual pieces in the grinds, and that it is not completely mush! The meat doesn't have any bad smell, it is easy to squeeze out of the package and the package doesn't get too messy either. 

It seems to be really high quality, and our cats definitely approved. 

Wooden spoons for decoration.


Extremely clean pieces with nice red color – huge as well! Some are fattier than others – which is awesome, since the local chicken gizzards we used to get are extremely lean and our cats despise them! Really love the fact that the gizzards are already cleaned out which saves time when food preparing. 

Again, no foul smell, looks very fresh, intense red color, solid pieces, and a lot of meat for the price. 

Knife for decoration.


Every cat owner should ABSOLUTELY order these right about NOW! The cats LOVE these dehydrated rabbit feet and ears!!! We have our Rosie-Posie right now carrying one through the whole house, for two hours now. Do your cat a favor, and click the order button. 

As for the actual product, it is very interesting how it feels. The inside of the feet is hard, yet the outside is fluffy and clean. Ears are dry and hard, like rawhide. 

Extremely impressed and happy with this product. Thank you RFM! You made all our cats' dreams come true! They now can say, they have a lucky rabbit foot. 

Faux-fur throw for decoration. 



Do we need to say anything? Look for yourself. Size and solid shape of heart, fantastic color – definitely a winner! 

Our cats really loved this product. They didn't leave one bite on their bowl, and it was the first thing they attacked. 

Paper for decoration.


This product is a little different than the other grinds – which was an experience!  It has a very interesting slimy texture, (not mushy) – you can still see pieces of the meat. It also has a distinguishing smell which we assume that is what makes picky eaters enjoy this. And it has a beautiful color that indicates good quality of meat and freshness. 

It is definitely a more afforadable way to feed a protein of red meat to your cats, and we definitely recommend this product to our fellow cat/dog owners. 

Bones are just for the purpose of decoration in this picture. RFM doesn't include them in this displayed product. 


We are definitely digging all the turkey products. The meat just seems to be so much "intense" (in a good way) than the other poultry products. 

When we did these photos of the product, bags were still semi-frozen. When we opened the turkey liver package and tried to grab some livers to display, instead of them breaking apart – like chicken livers do for example – most of them broke as whole pieces.

What to say? Really nice liver pieces, none of them had any bad color, nor were they mushed. As you can see, the pieces are literally shining freshness! Rosie is excited as well! It was actually a challenge to hold her back, so she doesn't eat them! (P.S. do not feed so much liver as displayed at a time)

White bowl for decoration. 


Have you ever visited a French or German restaurant and ordered "steak tartare" ? Well, if we were to rename this product, it would be "turkey tartare" – it simply looks amazing! 

Kinda scary when the ground meat for your pets looks better than the store bought version intended for humans! 

Really impressed with these products so far. 

Parsley and paper for decoration.


Please do us a favor and look up "Raw Turkey Thighs" on our dear friend Google, and just compare the results to what we see here. 

We did not change the colors of this product! RFM is cracking us up! Can you guys sell products for human consumption as well? 

Just really impressed with the quality of this one especially – kinda shocked when we took it out of the bag. 

Great sized thighs, no bad smell, solid heavy pieces that will make a great meal filled up with taurine, for our feline friends. 

Slate piece and Rosie Posie tail for decoration. 


What a convenient way to feed chicken to the fluffs! For those of us who feed chunks of meat to our cats, this is simply brilliant and very helpful! 

The pieces are like small sized chicken tenderloins. This package had little fat in it, which is great since most of it was actual meat instead of fat. 

In this picture, the meat is semi-frozen and therefor you see some grainy texture. When it thawed out, the pieces were like you'd imagine when buying a chicken breast, and cut it up. 

Again, the only negative remark for us, is that we don't personally feed light meat, because we think darker meat is better. Overall though, the product is of great quality, and would also be a great and easier way for beginners to transition their pet to raw with this product. 

Scissors and metal container for decoration.


Have your cats ever tried ground Sashimi? Mango did, and he is a loyal fan now!

In all honesty, it is a great way to keep in the freezer, take it out for meal prep, and it will thaw out on the top first so you can scoop it out and put it back in the freezer. Some might not agree with this method, but we do that all the time and it is very convenient, and much easier dealing with this than the actual salmon pieces that take a longer time to thaw out. 

The product has a funny fishy texture (as expected) it includes the gray pieces, which we really like – they are rich in omega 3's – doesn't smell fishy in a bad way, and overall looks very pleasant and fresh. 

Definitely recommend this product! 

Parsley and plate for decoration. 


These rabbit bones, we were glad to notice, have a TON of meat on them! That is also why it was difficult to separate them when semi-frozen. So, you kinda get bones and meat as well in this product, which is very cool and makes the price much more accepting. 

Again, the meat has a really nice color. Pieces are large, and when thawed out, easy to separate. 

Cats are extremely excited about this particular product, and we are too. Definitely a staple from now on. 

Cleaver for decoration. 


We really really love the fact that their grinds still have a nice texture and are not completely soup! Our cats definitely prefer a nice texture, or else they won't even touch it. So, we're really happy about that. 

It is also not messy at all, and resembles a lot the ground meat you buy at the local store. The handling of it is very easy and it doesn't stick to your fingers as much. 

It doesn't have any foul smell, looks very fresh, and it is a handy product to have in the freezer for a fast breakfast or dinner. 

We definitely recommend this product as well. 

All good things come to an end, and this was our last product to review! Hopefully RFM will send us some more! Haha


In all honesty, we couldn't be more happy with RFM's products. This review was genuine and as much as we tried to look for any negative remarks to make, there simply were none to be had, and we think this is very important when choosing a raw feeding company to order your products from. 

We have researched raw feeding for years now, and more intensely when we started our cattery here in the States. In almost every article we read, we would come across Raw Feeding Miami, and there is a good reason why. 

We believe they have invested a ton of time in good presentation, dedicated marketing, and to find safe and reputable sources to import their meats from. 

Also, we've had some communication with the owner, Carla, and she has been really wonderful to work with. She quickly sent us the products after it was agreed to do to real review of them, and ever since, she has been patient for us to complete this project. 

It was really a fun experience, and RFM definitely gained a loyal customer. 


P.S. You think we lied about those rabbit feet? Let the furry judges show you what they think about it! Make sure you watch in HD! 

Dinner is served. Thank you RFM! 

You think it's posed? Watch for yourselves..but in HD! 

If you liked our video, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! 

And follow us further on social media:

Disclaimer: This is a review based on our personal experience and honest opinion. We hold no responsibility for your personal experience with RFM, even though we believe you will be more than happy with them.




Our First Litter in USA, as USA* MetatronEyes!


"Is it breathing?"

It felt like one of the longest nights for LB and I, as it does for so many breeders in the world.
With three hours of sleep, for the first time on our very own, and without the physical help of my experienced mother. It was the first time for all of us: Yara, LB, and I.
The night before Mother's Day, Yara went into labor, on her 65th day.
She started with contractions in her birthing box that we had put on our bed (mattress directly on the floor to be lower). When the first baby was starting to emerge, Yara was freaking out; not understanding anything and just begging for us to allow her to come out of the box.
What should we have done - lock her in it, and let her deal with it? Unimaginable. I remember looking at LB with freaked out eyes myself, and we both agreed to let her decide where it would be more relaxing for her.

The place she chose, was unlike anything we've ever experienced in this cattery - my lap.
So it began with my one leg hanging off the bed, my arm supporting her back so she doesn't fall, all while LB was holding her feet helping her to press. She was laying on her side/back and wasn't sure about all this, constantly looking up at me and chirping.

Finally the baby came out, still attached to the placenta inside. LB immediately started sucking the fluids out of the baby's mouth and nose, and honestly doing everything exactly as he was supposed to do even if his hands were trembling. I was holding Yara, who was desperately trying to escape because she didn't like the fact a baby was out. (She didn't want to clean it or take care of it at this point whatsoever.)

She was growling at it, and of course the first worry is, will she accept it? Will she attack it? Should we separate her after all this? Should we go ahead and prepare bottles?
She came back to my lap preparing for the next one. LB in the meantime was still rubbing the baby with a towel and trying to introduce it to her. She was more acceptant of it this time, and gave it a lick or two on it's head - still cautious and unsure though.

She stretched out her paw and put it around my arm, holding me tight while she was pushing again.

It wasn't the ideal place to give birth for the babies, but it was important to us that Yara was happy and relaxed. Prior the labor, she was all over LB; cuddling and hugging his neck, connecting and bonding with him in a much deeper level than usual - which I found quite interesting. Just an hour after all that is when she first began her contractions.

After the second baby, the third was starting to come out. We had everything organized for days in the room, but at that moment we totally forgot (or didn't have enough hands) to write down or weigh them immediately. It was an extremely fast delivery and the most important thought we had, was making sure to count the placentas.

We weren’t trembling anymore after the first one of course, but with all the things we have experienced prior (stillborns, deformities, etc.) the worry is always still there.
So the third came out and again still attached inside her, we tended to the baby and were

waiting for the placenta to come out with it. Instead of that though, simultaneously while the baby was still attached, another baby came out! Yara got startled and jerked suddenly, and it's umbilical cord ripped. Thankfully LB was holding the cord in the middle in case of this, so it ripped there instead of at the baby's belly - so he was tending to the fluids etc. of this baby, while still holding the other one still attached as well - but the two placentas weren't coming out anytime soon apparently. Cut the cord or not? We decided to cut it and hope that both placentas will come out after that - and so they did, thankfully.

By that time, this whole Queen sized bed was covered with blood, utilities and some of the placentas she didn't want to eat. So we quickly placed a fresh sheet on top of all the mess, so they have a dry and warm spot to lay on. Yara was exhausted, so I started feeding her some yoghurt, raw liver and kidney. She was happy to be done, and all the babies were nursing on her. That was the moment we exhaled our longest breath after all those hours. It really felt like we weren't breathing until then.

I looked at LB, and he looked back at me smiling. I was so proud of him - I couldn't believe that my husband helped me so much, or did most of it honestly. But he was happy and proud to be part of it.

This is our very first litter in the USA. As cattery it's not of course, but even if I was next to my mom when labor was taking place, she did it all and I just helped her weighing the babies and taking notes. That was a totally different experience. I cannot express enough how stressful it was; how exhausting but yet so rewarding. I also cannot say it too many times, breeders go through a lot. We don't do it for the fun of it, or for the money. When they get born, we don't see dollar signs, but hope and pray that they will make it. Pray that all fluids are out of their lungs, and that we did enough to get them out. Pray that all the babies are going to nurse. Pray that we won't have any losses, because once they're born, they are indeed your children.
To watch them being born, and take their first breath - it is magical. It is a living being, not an object.

I don't wish to give details on this, but we experienced a great loss of one of the newborn kittens the next day. We fought for hours - it didn't survive, and this was different as well. Never have I, or my mom, seen a kitten pass away like this. This is the worst part of breeding.
We placed our babies back in the birthing box, and moved Yara in it as well. She was okay for a while, but she was acting different. Panting, restless, in pain. Was there still more? No. What was going on? 

Babies were trying to nurse, but she was constantly going out of the box, and would not stay inside. 

Well, she was starting to have mastitis and so we put her immediately on antibiotics. That cleared soon enough and she started behaving herself again, and taking wonderful care of her new mini fluffs.

Yara also did something that we’ve never had happen before. She took each baby one by one, jumped up on our bed, and placed them on top of LB’s chest. Each one of them! Kind of saying “Here, take them please! Help me!“. The kittens weren’t gaining weight (that was within a 24 hour period and we wanted them to drink from Yara so they get the colostrum. But when we weighed them after she moved them to LB, we realized they weren’t gaining - so thats when we started them on antibiotics and KMR milk.

Unfortunately, she had no milk yet, and even though babies were nursing, they were starting to lose weight. So we were on a strict bottle feeding program. That was a crazy exhausting week of no sleep, starting to hallucinate by the end of the week, stress, anxiety, constant worry, if they will make it or not. It was all worth it though.

They sure were (and still are) little fighters. They started gaining and gaining every day and becoming stronger. By that time, they already knew us, more than any other kitten we’ve ever had. Not only because we were bottle feeding them (we’ve done that before), but because these three angels remained on our bed - till this day, they’re still living on our bed. Sleeping with us. We have gone to great measures to make it as safe as possible, and so far it is working great!
Yara was moving them all the time which was truly exasperating, so we were so relieved that she finally settled down - even if that meant we would share the bed and just be extra careful about it.

So, this is our story of our very first USA litter!

I know some breeders will be giving the eye roll to this, because they have probably gone through worse - and you know, that's understandable. I'm really not trying to make a small thing bigger than it is, but I am a photojournalist, and that means I write about pictures and experiences. And I will keep this ritual from now on, even if it is a great easy labor, or a bad one. I hope writing down such happenings might help others know what to expect.

So please, do not ruin this by pointing out mistakes we might have done or things that we could have done better. No matter how much you plan and prepare, not everything will go exactly as it should according to the books. Thank you in advance.

It is also one of the best and most moving experiences we’ve ever had, so I’m not just gonna say “New Litter! Here they are!“, end of story.

Here they are! Our very first and most welcomed, USA* MetatronEyes Litter O!
I would like to thank first of all my husband Lee for supporting my hobby (now, our hobby haha), and for really being by my side no matter what happens. This was such an experience, and I'm so happy that you were there for it.

I would like to thank my mom Eva for being on Skype the whole time, and guiding us and advising us on what to do. She is one person that I trust 100% on this matter. Thank you, and I so wished you were there for that.

I would also like to thank two breeders that helped us a lot as well. Dear Cindi McPherson Buettner and dear Mistelle Stevenson , thank you so much for answering all my questions even if it was very late. You gave me a huge relief, and I'm so proud to call you my friends.

And of course dear Suzette Buck for offering your help like always.
Really appreciate you guys.

- Christina (MetatronEyes breeder in USA) 



Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Review

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Review



Surprise surprise!! What is the sound that all pet owners and raw feeders love to hear? 

Theeee delivery truck, of course! Food is HERE! 

The best of the best food - organic with zero antibiotics from only the highest quality sources - only for our fluffs (of course) and it's ON TIME! 

Hare Today Gone Tomorrow! A raw feeding company that one breeder friend recommended to us, and we will be forever thankful to: Jeanne Marikle, also a Maine coon breeder. 

Here in Arkansas, it has been very difficult to find certain organ parts, therefore it has been difficult to have a perfectly complete and balanced raw diet. We had to locate a different source, and were worried that the only way we could get it was through ordering. 

Why did it worry us? 

First of all, you can't know if the product is exactly as pictured or promisingly described. Will the meat be high quality? How expensive is it going to be? Because you have to consider the shipping price required for such heavy and bulky items. Do you live too far away for it to arrive frozen? Do you order just a sample, or in bulk? What then, if the picky four legged eating machines don't fancy it? Many question marks that can only be answered when you do some research, but most thoroughly when you try it out yourself - and so we did! 

When you do find a reputable source to order from, it becomes a huge game-changer for raw feeders. Deciding to do an unsolicited, subjective review on HTGT's products is a result of our excitement about finding them, and part of wanting to support the effort it takes to be a responsible raw food company - and as always, trying to spread the word to pet owners who are interested in either starting a raw diet, or trying to find the right source to sustain it. 

Here is the latest 55 pound package that we ordered! Looks...heavy enough, big, and heavy - very heavy. 

So let's take a look inside, shall we? 

As we can see here, there's a wide variety of frozen packages that we selected, all generously insulated from the exterior.

Let's dive into the goodies! 

Beef kidney, beef pancreas, herring, sardines, beef heart and green lipped mussel powder! Excited, to say the least. 

Condition of products: 

•Completely frozen ✔️
•Completely sealed ✔️
•Correct amount ordered ✔️

Shipping was on time, and box had no damage.

We received constant updates about our order via email, from the time of placing the order to the time of delivery. 

Very pleased to see that everything arrived still frozen after a full two day road trip. 

So what exactly did we order? 

Uuuuuuuh, beef kidney....! Our cats' ultimate favorite! 


USDA inspected beef kidney. Packaged 2 lbs per bag, vacuum sealed.

It has a fantastic deep red color with correct form and texture. Looks extremely fresh. Easy to cut up in small pieces. It does have moderate ammonia odor, but what do you expect from a kidney?

Our cats absolutely love it and it's usually going to be the very first thing they'll eat out of their bowl. 

Price at time of this writing: 2lbs ($6.59)

Great price, for great product. 


Beef heart, cut into strips. Heart does contain fat on the outer areas, with a meat:fat ratio of about 80/20.

5 lbs per bag, vacuum sealed.

As we know,  cats need a lot of taurine and we personally do not supplement, but instead try to provide them the varied cuts of meat that together contain all the important vitamins and minerals for them. Therefore, it's very important that the meat we choose is of high quality.

This package is 5lbs, and is massive. Since we feed it as supplementation and not only as muscle meat, we will have to thaw it out a little to be able to separate the meat and make different batches of it. That's the only "negative " remark on it. However, that's based on our personal method of feeding. It's quality is again top, and our cats love it ! 

Price at time of this writing: 5lbs ($13.99)

Compared to other raw feeding companies, this price is much cheaper. Excellent quality of meat as well. 


The pancreas is fresh, immediately ground, and packaged in 1 lb chubs.

We love the way it is packaged! Like a tube that you can squeeze parts of the meat out whenever you portion it for their meals. It's texture is more of a paste than what you might think of as ground meat; it is ground organ after all. Some of our fluffs do prefer the beef kidney over this, but they don't complain either. Product seems very fresh, doesn't have any odd smell to it, and lasts for a long time. 

Price at time of this writing: 1lb ($4.29) 

Not too bad at all. It last us for a while, and it's use is very convenient. 


Whole sardines, wild caught from Spain, 2 lb bags, vacuum sealed.
Sardines can vary in length from 2-3 inches, all the way up to 10 inches or more in size.

Soooooo excited to have found these! We started feeding 100% raw when we moved here to Arkansas - and what does Arkansas NOT have? The ocean! Which means, no fresh fish other than lake fish.

These have a really strong smell to them, which actually has helped one of our cats that had a respiratory infection and couldn't smell, and so not inclined to eat either. Put the sardines together with some pork, and she started eating immediately! So for this purpose, we wholly approve of the strong fishy smell! 

The sardines themselves are rather big; fully intact bodies with their intestines and heads.

We defrost the package just enough to be able to separate the sardines, and feed our fluffs twice a week. 

Canned sardines in water vs. raw ? No comparison. Raw, hands down.

Price at time of this writing: 2lbs ($8.59) 

For being wild caught, and great quality, price is more than fair. 


Whole Atlantic herring, 2 lb bags, vacuum sealed.

Wild Caught, Product of the U.S.A.

These guys are huge, less smelly than the sardines, and have made THE biggest difference on our cats' coats. They're so soft, silky, and healthy looking. More effective (in our experience) than fish oil.

Needless to say, the fur kids love the fish! The only piece that sometimes gets left, is the actual herring's head that the boys like to play with as an after dinner activity. That's right, our resourceful Queens never waste anything. Boys will be boys.

The herring is also just as described on the HTGT website. Fresh and clean (and since we grew up in Greece right next to the Aegean Sea, we are very particular about quality of fish) - this one tops it all. 

Price at time of this writing: 2lbs ($7.79)

So, it's a little cheaper than the sardines. We love the herring and sardines so much that we order both for variety.


The Green Lipped Mussel is grown on ropes suspended from platforms on the surface of the ocean. The ocean is continuously monitored to ensure that the growing environment is free from pollution and other contaminants. The mussels obtain their nutrients directly from the phytoplankton and minerals contained in the sea water. When the mussels are at their peak, they are harvested. The edible portion (excluding the shell) is freeze dried using low temperatures and vacuum to remove the water. This preserves the integrity of the bioactive molecules and ensures the stability of the activity of the many nutrients. Each lot of freeze dried Perna must pass the strict quality guidelines of the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries. Each batch is analyzed to insure the absence of pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals.

Net weight 6 ounce, resealable vacuum sealed bag. Human grade. 

To be completely honest with you, we purchased this item because of our Alaskan Malamute that is a year old. We recently found out that his brother suffers from major Hip Dysplasia, a genetically inherited disorder. We've been using this product for about 2 weeks now. He has never shown any signs of limping so far, but we choose touse it as a preventative. Hopefully we will never have to notice a change. 

Therefor, it would be unfair for us to review this product without any personal experiences yet with it. However; we really do believe in it or else we wouldn't have ordered it. We strongly believe in nature's power and it's natural remedies.

We did try it on our cats (since it doesn't have any side effects) to see their reaction - and they loved it. Even if it's in powdered form, they will absolutely munch and crunch on it - well, more like munch and lick on it. 

So, we decided to keep on supplementing all our fluffs with it, since it has so many health benefits - and we will make a more detailed and appropriate review later on. 

Back to the product itself, it is completely sealed, and when you open it, you can tell what's in it. It is smelly, and the fur kids love that. Based on description, it seems to be sourced from a responsible place, and processed correctly, which is very important when using this product. 

Price: 0,50lbs ($24,99) 

It is pricey for how much it lasts, but that's the case with almost every supplement. 

These are the products that we ordered. All of them looked exactly as in the picture shown online, with a touch of "raw" reality of course.

Everything was indeed vacuumed sealed with no leaks. 
All our animals love eating the meats and fish more than what we get local. 
Weight and size of products are accurate to description. 
Everything is fresh and of the highest quality. 

This is the second time we've ordered from Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, and from now on we will be loyal customers. 

We would like to thank HTGT for providing such good quality products at an affordable price. This not only helps us breeders who have a lot of animals to feed, but it also helps people to get into raw feeding - and this is probably one of the best solutions we can think of for the health and well-being of all pets. 

We totally recommend these products and this raw feeding company. 

And now we can enjoy a full balanced raw meal!  

As far as MetatronEyes Mango is concerned... 

If you enjoyed our review, and would like for your own products to be reviewed or for any other press inquiries, feel free to contact us here

Also, we would feel honored if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or subscribe to our brand new Youtube channel! 



Vet Check up & Vaccinations | LITTER M | 12/22/16

Well, it's that time again! Kitten vaccinations and check up! 

We visited our veterinary clinic “Countryside Animal Hospital“, which is 15 minutes from our house. 

With their permission, we documented the whole visit and that was very enjoyable for everyone. Being photojournalists ourselves, it just feels normal to do something like this with our own kittens’ adventures! 

Kittens were absolutely in perfect behavior! Not only at the vet, but in the car, and in the Sturdi carrier as well. They already know traveling and all sorts of sounds. 

First one was our fluffy Mango! He weighed 4lbs. 15oz. 
He was very calm, purring constantly, and healthy overall! 

Second, was Metatron. Weighed 4lbs. 15 1/2oz. He was also very sweet and very brave!

Third, our sweet girl Maren! Weighed a solid 4lbs.! She is a special special girl! Haha. She was sweet but as always, and as a lady, she carries her little cute attitude with her! So that means, if she doesn’t like something, she is going to let you know with her little innocent voice! 
She didn’t like the vaccination part and cried a tiny bit. Still, she was very brave! 

And last, our Mohatu! Weighed 4lbs. 13oz. He is our shy (at first) boy, but incredibly sweet after some minutes. 


All in all, kittens did great and passed the check up with flying colors! 

Only Maren caught a cold from the long flight from Greece to Arkansas - not serious enough to not get her vaccination, and so we gave her an antibiotic shot in addition to that. 

We are very proud of our kittens. The vet said they are very well socialized and are really nice and healthy kittens. As you can see, they were very relaxed as well. Haha

All kittens were vaccinated for Fel-O-Vax Lv-K IV + CaliciVax. 

Disclaimer: No vets, assistants, breeders, or kittens were harmed during that photoshooting!