Well, it's that time again! Kitten vaccinations and check up! 

We visited our veterinary clinic “Countryside Animal Hospital“, which is 15 minutes from our house. 

With their permission, we documented the whole visit and that was very enjoyable for everyone. Being photojournalists ourselves, it just feels normal to do something like this with our own kittens’ adventures! 

Kittens were absolutely in perfect behavior! Not only at the vet, but in the car, and in the Sturdi carrier as well. They already know traveling and all sorts of sounds. 

First one was our fluffy Mango! He weighed 4lbs. 15oz. 
He was very calm, purring constantly, and healthy overall! 

Second, was Metatron. Weighed 4lbs. 15 1/2oz. He was also very sweet and very brave!

Third, our sweet girl Maren! Weighed a solid 4lbs.! She is a special special girl! Haha. She was sweet but as always, and as a lady, she carries her little cute attitude with her! So that means, if she doesn’t like something, she is going to let you know with her little innocent voice! 
She didn’t like the vaccination part and cried a tiny bit. Still, she was very brave! 

And last, our Mohatu! Weighed 4lbs. 13oz. He is our shy (at first) boy, but incredibly sweet after some minutes. 


All in all, kittens did great and passed the check up with flying colors! 

Only Maren caught a cold from the long flight from Greece to Arkansas - not serious enough to not get her vaccination, and so we gave her an antibiotic shot in addition to that. 

We are very proud of our kittens. The vet said they are very well socialized and are really nice and healthy kittens. As you can see, they were very relaxed as well. Haha

All kittens were vaccinated for Fel-O-Vax Lv-K IV + CaliciVax. 

Disclaimer: No vets, assistants, breeders, or kittens were harmed during that photoshooting!