We have been super busy these couple of months!

We would like to sincerely apologize for not having been able to post more updated pictures of our fluffs! We had our Nikon D700 die off during the last photoshoot, and it has been absent for repair ever since. 

However, there has been a much bigger reason for our absence. 

These guys right here! 

We weren’t planning at all on adding two horses to our family, but we couldn’t ignore the post we saw on the Facebook page of a Kill Pen in Oklahoma. 

These horses’ deadline to separate the colt from the mother so she could to go to Mexico for slaughter was the very next day after we first saw the post. Without a second thought, we decided that we had to do whatever we could to rescue them. 

We still remember the rush in everything. Taking care of the payment ASAP to keep her off the truck, creating a quarantine space for them here, scheduling a vet to come out to check on them in case they needed antibiotics as they were in rough condition, getting the right feed for the underweight mare and her baby without shocking their systems, and finally, finding a reputable transport company to bring them to us all the way from Oklahoma to Arkansas. 

It has been a crazy time for sure. The baby never had any hands on him before, and therefor was extremely skittish and non-trusting. I, Christina, have been working with him non-stop every day and I’m usually the one who answers your emails - so lately I haven’t been too good about answering immediately. I apologize for that, but at the same time, Hidalgo (the colt’s name) has been a very important priority for me. 

On a positive note, Hidalgo has become a very trusting colt that loves to be petted and we are currently working on the leading and soon weaning part.

Rain, the mama, has been very sweet from the very beginning and who knew, she is also pregnant! Two weeks before we got her, she was bred - probably within one of the auctions.

So, a lot of our spare time has been dedicated to them (as well as the usual projects we are working on). 

But! We have much exciting news for the cattery and can’t wait to share it with you soon. 

Thank you for all your understanding and patience. 

You can read Hidalgo and Rain’s story on our photography Instagram page. 

Have a wonderful Friday!

All the best,

Rain & Hidalgo the day they arrived. 

Rain & Hidalgo the day they arrived.