Let us present to you (one of) our early homemade Christmas presents for our fluffs!

The “ Sophistikitty “ cat tree! 

It is a medium sized tree that fits perfectly in the corner of our dinning room and the natural color suits our furniture there as well. The limbs are spread in a way that makes it look very three dimensional and balanced. 

We sanded this one over 9 months ago and two days ago we just had some free time to finally finish it! It only took two afternoons worth of work and $100 worth of material. ($30 for the natural cotton rope, and $70 for the pre-cut round wood pieces - it would be cheaper to cut them on our own, which we already are doing for a much much bigger cat tree that we still have in progress in the garage haha) 

For a 5ft tall cat tree that weighs 80lbs, is homemade out of crazy strong iron wood, and looks somewhat “sophisticated” the price isn’t that bad ( Yes, the wood was free from our land ) 

Anyway, it was just a quick project. We really want to fill up our house with homemade cat trees and even though it takes a while, it is really worth it for the fluffs! 

Hope you like it as much as we do.

Also, yes - it took just as long as you imagined to get a shot of them all sitting like this haha

This is actually a great representation of a family tree. 

Our big boy MetatronEyes Lee Browning on the right. 
Our beautiful mama Unicum Yara on the far left. 
Our offspring MetatronEyes Ottie in the middle, and her sister Odette up high. The only one missing is their little brother Ody since he’s in his new home. 

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