We would like to announce the echo screening results for HCM and PKD of our very first King that started MetatronEyes! 
CH Mascotte AirishCoon, aka Devian. 

With 6 years of age he still has clear results. 

We are so happy and proud that we chose this cat to start with. He is by no means perfect but (so far) he has been super healthy - never showed any sign of illness. 

He is father, grand father, and great grandfather to many of our cats - and getting such great results back means a lot to us. 

He is retired and enjoying a pet life with us. We have kept him for many personal reasons, and a very important factor is to continue health screening him since he’s the foundation of our lines. 

We love you so much Devian. Hoping and praying that you’ll continue to be the healthy retired stud muffin you are. 

Thank you to his breeder Viktoriya for entrusting us this boy 6 years ago, time certainly flew by fast.