Drum roll please :D

Let us present to you our new super cute stud muffin, only 4 months old! 

GR* MetatronEyes Quigley Down Under! 

I knew from the very first moment he was born, that he would be the one. I’ve been waiting patiently for him to join our US*MetatronEyes team, and when I saw him in person I was not disappointed. 

He is such a strong boned boy, very heavy with beautiful coat. 

I really love everything about him. Ears, expression, muzzle, fantastic fantastic profile and a temper to die for. And, his little white ear fluffs are exceptionally cute. 

His color is also very dear to me. 

We have already great plans with Quigley :) 

So, welcome little sweetie <3 

Big thanks to my family for raising such an amazing kitten with fantastic temperament. 

Hope you guys like our little boy. Can’t wait to share with you his development and his journey with us :)