I will start this story by expressing something veeeeeery important when you're on any photography trip. You have to do things right from the very beginning! That means: music on, comfortable "road trip" clothes, but most importantly, coffee! Lots of it, and preferably Starbucks... 

It just sets the mood right.  

So after our trip to the Lake Ouachita last time, we decided to visit Lake Catherine. Neither of them very far from our home, and both have nice waterfalls through their forest areas. 

As photographers you can get some crazy ideas in your head. Waterfalls, and cats? Is that even possible? 

Well, we chose the waterfall "Falls Creek Falls" - a beautiful location with a 10 minute shortcut hike. So in case our beloved fluffs didn't approve of it, we could just hike back and go home. 

But something wasn't adding up... The sign was a little bit misleading compared to the map we looked at. Just follow the red mark on the trees...

And so we did! 

Our legs became weaker, cats became heavier, our shoulders...what shoulders? Slowly we started to realize that 10 minutes were already over and we were 30 minutes into the hike. 

And what a hike it was! Bless my mom's heart; she is a true trooper! Giving her some support with my tripod so she can cross over the "trail". 

And what troopers these sweet boys were too! However, I do genuinely believe they enjoyed every minute of the hike - just being in nature, watching us struggle and slide down the trail (only once that happened!). 

I don't know if you can see it, but this is my mom's "Oh no..." look and my "You gotta be kidding me"! Further down you can see the trail. I think its safe to say we took the wrong way, but we were very close. 

And here it is! Breathtaking location. 

Well, decent enough for a picture, right Moby? 

Getting ready for Moby's photo. 

I wonder a lot of times about my husband...but sometimes, I'm left without words. While I was taking the previous picture, suddenly I see through the lens Lee's head poking in. I lowered my camera and looked again. Sure enough there he is climbing in front of all the people underneath (and getting stuck right next to the waterfall) just in case he could find a better spot. Ooookay...

"That ith jutht too embarrathing, I iz gone" - Moby

We are back to normal and are finally continuing with the shot! 

Looks pretty good, doesn't it? You absolutely HAVE to have a tripod you can trust your camera on such an angle and slippery rock! Thank you Really Right Stuff TVC-45 for never disappointing! 

Oh yes, looking good there Mobs! Some exploring before going near the waterfall. 

Needless to say, the only challenge with Moby is to make him move. The trick with him? Cuddles and pettings on the "Oh yes, scratch the hind" area. Eventually he woke up and walked towards us and we got the shot! 

He is really something else. Impressive, massive and majestic coonie. 


But we weren't done yet. There was still Quigley left! Time to visit the waterfall pool area underneath. Packing up. 




And this is the spot! A great shot that my sister Monica took. It looks just like from a fairytale! 

Quigley got big and excited eyes the moment he came out the bag! His first time outside and on a leash as well! 

So many new smells! So many leaves, so much to chew on and destroy and worry mom in case of eating something poisonous :D 

Hold on a minute! What is daddy doing over there?! 

And what is this loud noise and huge water sink?? 

He just has to touch and feel the water! Quigley quickly realized, this is going to be a very fun experience for him! 

Without a second thought, we knew he wouldn't mind getting a little closer to the falls. He didn't mind the people hiking around us, nor the dog (on a leash) that detected him. Quigley was a very brave kitty and a curious one as well! 

Little Quigley wanted to walk all over those stones and I couldn't keep up with him. He was so interested about the leaves on the water and the stick that we teased him with to get him to look into the camera.

We did have one small incident, where Quigs got too excited and jumped on the actual flash modifier (the white umbrella looking thing) but nothing got destroyed and nobody got too wet. Quigley remained calm - and naughty! Photo captured the moment before he landed on the flash modifier:

We also got a hilarious video of him playing on that rock. See for yourself: 


It is hard to believe that this shot is even real, but it 100% is. Quigley was absolutely a star and a show off monkey. We are so very proud of him and can't wait to repeat this adventure since he loved it so much as well. 

On our way back, we discovered the 10 minute trail thankfully, since we both had soaking wet (and freezing!) shoes and we all were exhausted. 

Exhausted, but happy. And...we still had leftover Starbucks!