It was a really moody morning - my family and I were sipping at our coffee, thinking what to do for the day since we already finished all the chores. 

I looked outside the windows of our dining room and noticed a beautiful dark blanket of clouds all over our land. I immediately showed my husband, Lee, and he thought the same as I did...fantastic photo opportunity. 

Then my mother and sister had the idea to go with one of our cats to the lake, and see if we could get some nice shots. It was quite brilliant, and without a second thought we all hurried up to get ready before any unexpected rain comes.

Luckily we live only a few minutes from Lake Ouachita, but even while short, the drive was beautiful going up, through, and around the Ouachita mountains. 

We decided to bring two cats with us; father and son to be exact. Our white King CH MetatronEyes Mobydick and his son MetatronEyes Lee Browning. Really thankful for those SturdiBags, because they certainly distributed these boys' weight nicely and they always stayed level during the hike. 

Almost...level. Ha! 

In reality, the area we were wanting to go photograph was closed to the public during the winter season - however, we got permission from the park to "trespass". Unfortunately, we couldn't drive to it, but a little hike and some fresh air can't harm too much! 


Tell you what, carrying 70lbs worth of equipment, and 37lbs (together) worth of fluffs is gonna make you sore the next day! 

Back to the trip! 

Finally after 30 minutes of hiking, we arrived at our most favorite and secret location! I truly believe that Lake Ouachita is one of the best - if not the best - lakes in Arkansas. The water is so beautiful and crystal clear. There is no trash, not many people, zero buildings or houses - just a very unique and peaceful location. 

So, time to set up our photo! Clouds are still as captivating as they can be. The dull light creates a moody atmosphere and a subtle texture on the rocks. 


We start with Lee's grooming. Fancy grooming table, don't you think? Haha 

This is his very first time outside in wide open nature, and his very first time on a leash. We did not expect him to be so eager to explore every rock on the ground! Fascinating temperament. 

Tail up! Ears forward, serious look...he is ready! 

He lead my mom towards the water. You can see my husband setting up a shot. He is very quiet and focused - he figured out a nice one, I thought to myself...

On a second thought, Lee turned a sharp right on his way to sniff some seaweed. "Gotta check those things out, might be the next catnip!" 

Not too impressed. What about this water though? 


Big thank you to my sister - also very good photographer - for taking this shot that perfectly describes our "husband and wife" photography team. I have to admit, we cooperate much more harmoniously now. Some years ago, we would probably argue over who is gonna push the button! Now we just get the job done haha.

You asked us how we had him on that rock. First of all, no, it wasn't photoshopped. He was LOVING it there. He knew he looked like a King overlooking his private lake. 

How we made him look forward? We started throwing little stones in the water and he would trace them with his eyes. That gave us some excellent profile shots of him, however it wasn't the "epic" shot we were hoping for. 



But then it happened. All of a sudden he saw something in the far distance, on his own, and he froze. That was the shot! 

We cannot express strongly enough, just how proud we are of him. The fact that it was literally his first time on a leash, and outside with boats passing by, and overall in a foreign environment for an adult cat; it makes us as breeders extremely thankful and proud to have bred such a sweet and socialized Maine Coon. If he wasn't enjoying it, if he wasn't feeling comfortable, then we wouldn't be able to create this Fine Art piece. It is important for everyone to enjoy photography, model included. 

In addition to that, we wouldn't be able to make this photo without everyone's help. Working as a team gives you the best success. 

Speaking of teamwork... Here we see a wonderful view of my mother and sister rushing their way back to the car, because it was a bit overwhelming - the whole "Fine Art Photography" experience/adventure. Not sure if it would be a good idea to take them with us on our seriously extended photography projects. :D

It was a lovely day spent with my family and two of our furrkids. 

As you can imagine, it is very special for us to finally incorporate both of these incredibly important aspects of our lives (cats and photography) into the one cohesive endeavor! 

It is a direct extension of our primary career as photojournalists and fine art photographers; you may find more about us in this regard here: 

As far as our " Maine Coon Fine Art Photography " projects - stay tuned! More is coming soon!

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