You may contact us by filling out this form if you are interested in a Maine Coon kitten for pet, but only serious inquiries please. 

Please also note that we do not reply to random breeder inquiries. Since 2015, we have decided to work only within a very close circle of responsible breeder friends - no exceptions made. 

MetatronEyes receives a lot of emails every day, but if we do not reply within two weeks, chances are that your submission was probably missed for some reason – in this case please do not hesitate to resend it, or feel free to contact us through our Facebook Page

We all have a very busy life with our professions, all our animals, and of course a personal life too – so we ask for your understanding and patience if you don't hear back from us immediately. Our priority in day to day life is always the well-being of our animals; then we figure out everything else. 


If you are personally hesitant about getting a Maine Coon kitten; either because you’re not sure if a family member will accept a new fluffy family member, difficult life circumstances, or severe financial instability - please do not fill out this form. 

We are extremely busy, yet always give a genuine reply with great detail to every serious inquiry we receive. This task alone can take several hours out of our day, every single day; several hours that we do not need to spend if you’re not 100% serious. We have talked for months with people about a certain kitten, only for them to decide - after all this time - that they are not ready for any kitten whatsoever. That doesn’t only effect us either; it is also not fair to other families that are beyond ready for their new member, that are waiting eagerly and with great anticipation, but miss the opportunity to match with their dream kitten for no real reason at all.

However, please do not misunderstand the tone of this! We are truly more than happy to help you out with any kind of questions you have, or even to recommend some trusted breeder friends of ours that might have just the kitten you’re looking for if we don’t. We simply do not have the spare time to invest months into a very serious and in-depth conversation that won’t lead to anywhere for either of us. Maine Coons are a wonderful addition to one’s life; you just need to be certain you really want one before you delve so far into the adoption process.


The current expectation for our waiting list is about two years for new member. We feel that is of paramount importance to be upfront and transparent about all things, and let you know this from the very beginning. We really appreciate the opportunity to truly get to know these homes - and for them to get to know us - over this time period.

We have a wonderfully supportive group of carefully chosen members that we are extremely grateful for, but we are always excited to meet new families that match the qualities we are seeking in our kitten homes.

That being said, many are waiting on something very specific - so the effective wait could be shorter than the length of the list would indicate, if one is open-minded regarding color.

If you are looking for a kitten sooner than this from a reputable breeder, here are our wonderful breeding partners that also have great cats and do all the necessary health testing in their breeding program. We don't want to overload them either though, so contact them with serious inquiries only please:

  • US*MyLuckyStars in Oklahoma 
  • US*Dawntreader in Texas
  • US* Ttcats in California


This information is requested for kitten purposes only, and will not be used in any other manner.
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You understand that by taking the time to fill in this form, it is much appreciated by MetatronEyes Maine Coons - but does not guarantee your being placed on the waiting list, or the resulting adoption of a MetatronEyes kitten.


Please contact us via this form if you are one of the registered Maine Coon breeders that work within our circle of breeder friends. Submissions that do not include answers to all the questions below probably won't be answered. We choose very carefully our kittens' new families, and need every bit of information from you.


Please contact us via this form if you are interested in cooperating with us for an advertising opportunity.



We receive so many emails per day – thank you for that – and so this makes it very difficult to read through all the answers carefully, to filter through them, and of course to reply to everyone. We are also very busy training our horses every day, taking exceptional care of our animals, and of course working on our full time careers as well. 

However, we do read every single one and ALWAYS reply to serious inquiries!

Thank you very much for filling out the forms above. It helps us get an idea of the people who contact us, and trust them more in this way. We understand that there might be many questions involved, but if someone is interested in a MetatronEyes kitten, they probably feel that it is worth it to take some minutes and answer them.