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What an incredible blessing this litter is! As many of you know, we have welcomed our new beautiful silver Queen from Hawaii, Kilaueakoons Makai in our family! Little did we know though, that Makai was hiding something! As you can imagine, it was a great surprise to us and her breeder, Linda of Kokuakats. 

It was a very intense wait once we realized she was pregnant, accompanied by many sleepless nights of monitoring her, since we didn't know when her due date was. Makai, on the January 9th, had a big litter of 7 babies, unfortunately 4 of them were stillborn. So we are extremely thankful after weeks of closely monitoring the babies, that they continued gaining and drinking well. 

So, this is the story of this special mating! We want to thank Linda for entrusting us beautiful Makai, and even if not planned, for this beautiful litter. 

This litter is DNA HCM, PKD N/N. Unfortunately in Hawaii they do not have a certified cardiologist so parents are not echo screened. We will however echo screen for HCM, PKD and x-ray for HD, Makai, once babies are old enough. We apologize for this inconvenience, as our protocol of screening before every mating is followed strictly.