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We would like to address that we work only within a small circle of breeder friends, and so our kittens are ONLY available as pet companions.

Choose an option to view our past, present, and future kittens:

We are not breeding anymore in Greece (where we first started), but we would still like to have a dedicated page of all our previous litter born in Greece.


To find out more about how we raise our little fluffs, please continue reading this page further...




As of January 2018, we have started our very first MetatronEyes Maine Coons Kitten Waiting List!

Membership on the list is by invitation only, and the best way for us to get to know you is by submitting THIS KITTEN INQUIRY FORM.

  • While it is important to us that we keep our cattery the very opposite of a "business” as possible, we have also realized a list is truly necessary to ensure fairness among our chosen families waiting for their new kitten. Our list has been carefully designed to correct any deficiencies inherent to the typical waiting list model.
  • If you are invited, you will be sent an e-sign agreement document to complete, and an invoice for the $200 waiting list fee, which of course goes towards the total adoption cost of a kitten.
  • Every member of the list, following the order in which they join, will each have an individual opportunity to choose from our available kittens the one that fits their family the best. If they select one, they may secure it with a deposit. If they decide to pass and wait for the next litter, they may do so and retain their same position on the list for next time.
  • We'll also keep members up to date via a special private newsletter with all kinds of updates on planned matings, progress of pregnancies, and of course all the photos and videos showing the kittens' looks and personalities as they grow up!

It is important to note however, that we do maintain a very busy lifestyle - we try to remain as professional as possible with our Maine Coon hobby, but we do also have main careers that at times require an immense amount of attention. Therefore, when inquire about our waiting list, please understand that we won't be able to send updates (pictures, videos etc.) every single day without fail. It can sometimes take a week or two under extremely busy work situations. That being said, when we do provide updates, we always make sure they are of the highest quality. Of course if you have any questions that require immediate attention, then we will always do our best under any circumstances to get back to you as soon as we can. 

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We are honored to have our MetatronEyes kittens all over the world! Here's an interactive map of where they live now: 
As you can imagine it is impossible to keep up with all the families on a daily basis, but we do ALWAYS require updates on all our babies at least twice a year, and we are ALWAYS there for every family — in good as well as in bad times.

We don't ship cargo - but as you can see, almost all of our homes come to us from a great distance. New fluff-parents pick up their kittens by making a family road trip to meet us, flying to our local LIT (Little Rock) airport, or hiring a reputable cat courier to do so. Either way, we are very experienced in helping our babies travel to their new homes, and will be happy to work with you any way we can!




  • We do not take deposits or reservations on kittens until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Depending on whether the kittens appear to be show quality, that may delay a decision about placement until their show potential can be evaluated.
  • Our cats, like Maine Coons in general, are very social creatures - and are particularly needy of feline companionship. It is requested that any potential adopter must either have at least one other cat to be a friend. We always love the idea of siblings going together to their new home - however, we also ask of you to consider adopting a companion from a reputable stray shelter.  

  • Only after they have had their first shots do we allow supervised visits, and only then will we take a deposit to hold the kitten. 

  • We do NOT ship any of our kittens in an airplane cargo hold! All kittens must either be picked up in person via car, or transported using the pet-in-cabin option available on almost every airline. Using a known and trusted pet courier is always an option as well.

  • The final decision to place a cat with a new family can be as late as the actual delivery. In addition to potential owners coming to our home for a visit, we may require a home inspection prior to delivering our cat/kitten. If we find at the time of delivery that the home is not a good match for our cats, we will not place the cat and will return any deposit(s) given. 

  • Our kittens go ONLY to pet homes; very few are going to registered catteries.

  • Our kittens must never be declawed. 

  • Our kittens must never be kept within a cage.

  • Our kittens must receive all required vaccinations and veterinary examinations. 




The most important part of raising up a litter is socializing the kittens at a very young age. This way, when they grow up, they develop a loving temperament and inherent trust towards humans and other animals that might live in your household.

Here you can see how we socialize our MetatronEyes kittens, with some videos of our past (adults included) and current litters:


The period of socialization starts from three to eight weeks of age.

If the kittens during this period do not have any contact with humans, they will never be truly tame. Similarly, they will be afraid of sounds if they live isolated in a quiet room. Therefore we make sure to be there for them - not only during this period, but in any period of their life until they move out to their new home. 
Each of our litters have a dedicated bedroom, furnished with the simple purpose for us to sleep next to them from the day they’re born. Mind you, we are four people that take turns depending on work schedules. 
So our babies are getting used to different people since day one, but most importantly: they are taught all about cuddles, snuggles, playtime, and a lot of lovin’s. Until they’re old enough, and vaccinated, to move downstairs to our “socialization” area (our living room) where some of the big adults roam - so they will get to know all about movies and music, huge cat trees, and what living in a realistically loud and busy family environment is like. 
But everything starts from here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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First we would like to address that if you are looking for a cat as a companion, we support the rescue and adoption of strays - absolutely, positively, and unequivocally! We have had many stray cats that we've rescued through our life, living with us as pets their entire lives, and they are such loving friends that will always leave a mark on our hearts. If, however, you absolutely want a specific breed - for whatever reason you may have, be it health or looks or the traits of a specific type - we obviously understand this too. 

We would just like to strongly ask you never to buy from a pet store, a backyard breeder, or a non-registered breeder...

Please do your research instead; to find a reputable, ethical, and responsible registered breeder. It doesn't have to be us!

Backyard breeders and pet stores are extremely cruel business models, and one must vote with their money if they wish them to stop.

Please read these third-party articles to find out more about "kitty mills" and backyard breeders, versus responsible breeders:

Now we have that covered, and you have an idea of what a constitutes a responsible breeder versus a backyard breeder, we can explain why the kitten you are wanting to adopt from us must have an adoption fee.



In a traditional for-profit business model, every possible factor is analyzed, and all applicable costs are trimmed down to maximize profit. Sure, that helps to create a nice healthy bottom line at the end of the year - but this isn't ethical when the lives of animals are involved.

With that being said, we do have to do a bit of planning for the purpose of sustainability; we wish to continue doing what we do.

On our Pawpeds G2 course we were asked to analyze all of our expenses per cat, and we would like to share this with you as a chart:


As you can see, having a hobby like this - and being ethically responsible about how we manage it - is not going to make us any profit. However, it is going to allow us to provide our kittens and cats with the best quality of life and all the necessities, so we can continue producing healthy, lovely tempered and excellent type kittens. 

We completely understand that you don't want to pay for just a beautiful cat, either. The adoption fee will be for: 

  • A pedigreed / fully registered kitten.

  • An up-to-date, vaccinated, dewormed, and healthy kitten.

  • A kitten raised with a loving temper.

  • A well socialized and adjusted kitten.

  • A kitten out of DNA, ECHO, and X-RAY tested parents.

  • A microchipped kitten.

We wish to note that we are very particular about our kittens and the way we raise them up - which cats we choose for our breeding program, and everything we put into this hobby. It takes time, patience, responsibility, and a lot of expenses. The most important thing however, is that it takes a lot of love. Our kittens and cats are our children, and we treat them like that - and we expect you to treat them like this as well.

Breeding is not always a beautiful world, and throughout our experiences we have learned a lot that we can advise you to do or not to do, for the best of your kitten, which we will be very glad and happy share with you this year or five or ten years from now. We're always there for our homes, and we request news and pictures from our kittens very often as well - so we hope you won't get annoyed by that haha! 



When you will adopt your kitten, you will also receive:

  • A record with all health certificates / test results from the kitten's parents and ancestors.

  • The kitten's passport, which includes all health records for them as well.

  • One of the kitten’s “stinky” used toys or blankets, to comfort them with smells of their litter mates and first home.

  • A bag full of handmade toys from ACR Custom Creations, that the we know the kitten enjoys.

  • Another bag full of the food that the kitten is accustomed to, as well as a raw sample for families that will be continuing the raw diet.

  • The kitten's pedigree, given after spaying or neutering is confirmed.

  • A health guarantee, activated by a clear vet report within 72 hours of adoption.

  • The kitten's adoption contract, designed to protect both MetatronEyes and the new home.

  • A lifetime of support from us, to the new families - many of which we now consider good friends.



We dislike the idea of posting costs as if a kitten is a product, but we also understand that potential homes need to know what to expect.

You'll never find a "pay now" button or anything like it on our page; we don't operate in this way,
and we will never ask for payment without getting to know a potential home first.

The current total adoption cost for a kitten is $2,000 - all inclusive of everything mentioned in this section.

A deposit fee of $500 is requited to secure one's choice of kitten, with the remaining $1,500 due at the time of pick-up.

Of course, the $200 waiting list fee goes towards the total cost - so only $300 of the $500 total deposit fee will be required.