We have welcomed our very first white litter after moving our cattery to USA!! Our joy is beyond describable! We are also thrilled with this combination that our dear friend, and breeding partner Terri Toulze from TTCats made possible, with her handsome stud US*CH Koontyme Flanigan of US*TTCats. 

It simply would not have been possible without her help. We have tried in the past to mate Jettie, but it never was successful. She is an enormous cat and quite the handful too; she growls and is a very temperamental female when in heat, so all our boys (that weren’t related to her) were absolutely frightened to death of her. Jettie is almost 3 years old, and we were always worried about pyometra.
Flan the Man though...he was incredibly brave, weathered the storm, and got the job done immediately - like a true professional! We couldn’t believe it!!
Terri should be very proud to have such stud muffin in your breeding program. He is the most gentle male ever and knew exactly how to handle Jettie. Absolutely the sweetest in personality, and his type - in in our eyes - is perfect. 
He is extremely strong boned as well, with fantastic straight legs. 

We cannot thank Terri enough for her trust, and for her friendship. We needed help, and she was there for us - that is something that truly means the world.

Also, Flanigan arrived here with a full folder with copies of his pedigree, DNA testing, echo screening, etc. - this to us shows professionalism, responsibility, ethicality, and simply the love / will to do the right thing. Not only that, but this also shows great respect towards us. Terri is a fantastic, honest, and ethical breeder. We truly appreciate her not only as an invaluable part of our close breeding circle; but as our friend.

So, dear friends, this is really a teamwork mating and litter. We absolutely cannot wait to see how the babies will develop. One thing is for certain - their personality is already the cuddliest we’ve ever witnessed at this age. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. 



Sam was one of the sweetest and fluffiest kittens we have ever seen/bred. His personality was like no other — he would always come to you for cuddles and he loved to give you kisses on your face. A true sweetheart that found a loving home that had been waiting for over a year. We were overjoyed for him.

Unfortunately, Sam at 6 months old, went for his neutering. During recovery, he went into cardiac arrest and the vets could not revive him. A shock to us and to his family.

This is why we are always so careful where we spay/neuter our cats and why we recommend certain anesthetics over others and certain methods — since Sam’s death was over an overdose of anesthesia.

We love you and miss you so much sweet boy.

Rest in Peace