We would like to announce that we have welcomed our Litter V on October 20th! From a beautiful combination after our beautiful Queen US*MetatronEyes Morgan Le Fay, and again, our King US*MetatronEyes Quigley Down Under. 

We have 6 kittens from Litter V (MetatronEyes Morgan Le Fay & MetatronEyes Quigley Down Under)

1 red tabby, 1 calico, 2 solid whites, 1 brown tabby, and 1 black and white (tuxedo).

Morgan is also the most wonderful, quiet, and loving mother we could ever wish for - and even though this is her second litter at 4 years old (we like for our Queens to have as few litters as possible with as much recovery time as possible) she is doing excellent.  
The reason why you see more kittens in the picture, is because this is the very first time we put two pregnant Queens together with the same due date — and we are so pleased with how it worked out. Morgan is an absolute sweetheart and she quickly “adopted” Litter W’s kittens as well.

Unfortunately, one solid white baby was born very small (70g, or about half of average) and we’ve been fighting for him ever since.

His chest actually turned into what is called “flat chested kitten syndrome” when he was 9 days old. This is our very first flat chested kitten ever, and we cannot explain how this happened since we have bred with these lines and particular cats many times and never had such issue before — but, it happens!

So we have our little guy on a steroid, antibiotics, anti-colic drops, and a special brace around his chest that we built for him after trying many different versions and inventions to see what worked best for him. The idea is to provide tension on the sides of his ribcage, keep weight off his already flat chest, and provide some negative pressure for his lungs.

We are also supplementing him every 2 hours throughout the day and night, and massaging his rib cage and chest area every 4 hours to keep the costochondral junction pliable.


We do not know the outcome he will have; some survive and have a normal chest again, some others do not make it past 7 weeks of age. It is very sad, but we are not giving up - he is a very strong little guy and has been gaining consistently weight so far, which is very positive. Our vet is also recommending to continue fighting for him - we truly appreciate her compassion and understanding of the situation. He is absolutely adorable and loves to be held and cuddled, so it is truly heartbreaking. He was crying one night quite a lot and we had to hold his tiny paw and caress it in order for him to stop crying and rest to recover his strength.

One of those breeding stories again! Unfortunately it is something that goes with the territory and we want to always be transparent and never hide any precious life that we had the pleasure to meet.

*Update on our little fighter: We are very sad to inform that our little white soldier did not make it. He fell in a coma at 3am, and passed away peacefully in his sleep. We buried him under our Magnolia tree in our land.

We will always remember you sweet boy. We love you so much.