All kittens published on this page are not made "available to the public" by default; only to our approved WAITING LIST members.

We do not, and will not, advertise our kittens as available anywhere else - so please be vigilant in case of fraud; as from time to time a new entity pops up pretending to be MetatronEyes Maine Coons outside our official website / facebook / instagram accounts.

On this page we include detailed information about every litter currently under our care, with artistic videos and photographs included. Every kitten is a work of art in our eyes, and not only as breeders, but also as photographers, we want to present them this way - not just as "available kittens" presented as products. 

We believe that in this way, people can fall in love with every "kitten stage" that our babies go through and the unique personalities they each show in the photographs and small films. 

So, we hope that you understand and like this idea of how we do things - if you are truly interested in one of our kittens, please fill out our CONTACT FORM in order to proceed with more information about our waiting list process. 

Check out our PLANS for more information on upcoming Litters.

Also, check out our PREVIOUS LITTERS so you can have an idea what kind of fluffs to expect. 


Odette was an INCREDIBLE first time mother that loves her babies so very much. All kittens have a wonderful personality, sweet, outgoing and are simply beautiful. Xander will be staying with us as he was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and will require surgery later on. He sure is a fighter though and a total sweetheart! We are definitely not giving up on him!
You can read Xander’s story on our blog.

Litter X will be going to their new homes in the upcoming weeks — a bittersweet moment for us, but we are thankful to have such amazing families on our Waiting List!

Litter X.jpg


Litter Y is such a special litter! Our very first kittens with such a low COI%! They claim the lower the complete inbreeding, the healthier the kittens and when you really think about it, it makes sense!

Avelin’s kittens had always a vaccine reaction (even if mild), but this time the kittens were not affected at all — maybe it was just luck, or maybe their immune system is so much stronger because of the diversity in this mating. We are so happy about that.

All kittens are doing wonderful, are super social — they wag their tail when they come to greet you, they are absolutely beautiful fluffy bears and so sweet.
They all have an incredible strong boning just like their dad.
We love them very much, and it will also be a very bittersweet moment when they will leave to their new homes in the upcoming weeks.