All kittens published on this page are not made "available to the public" by default; only to our approved WAITING LIST members.

We do not, and will not, advertise our kittens as available anywhere else - so please be vigilant in case of fraud; as from time to time a new entity pops up pretending to be MetatronEyes Maine Coons outside our official website / facebook / instagram accounts.

On this page we include detailed information about every litter currently under our care, with artistic videos and photographs included. Every kitten is a work of art in our eyes, and not only as breeders, but also as photographers, we want to present them this way - not just as "available kittens" presented as products. 

We believe that in this way, people can fall in love with every "kitten stage" that our babies go through and the unique personalities they each show in the photographs and small films. 

So, we hope that you understand and like this idea of how we do things - if you are truly interested in one of our kittens, please fill out our CONTACT FORM in order to proceed with more information about our waiting list process. 

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We have welcomed our very unique Litter T, from a very special mating! After our beautiful Queen RU*Unicum Yara had a year's worth of break from her last litter, we decided that the most suitable male for her would be our King US*MetatronEyes Mango. 

To be honest, we were quite worried with how Yara would be this time during and after labor, because last time (on her first litter) she was quite shocked and would not nurse her babies. We were exactly two weeks sleep deprived due to having to bottle feed the kittens every two hours. Eventually Yara was able to bond with them and took over, but it took her some time. She also had mild mastitis exactly after labor, (which of course we treated immediately) so that could definitely be one of the reasons why she would not nurse.

She is one of our best females and we love her dearly, so we wanted to give her a second chance. 

This time, her labor was smooth with no complications, and she was absolutely a professional. From the very first moment she bonded with her babies and took care of them. She had 8 beautiful babies, unfortunately only 5 survived. 1 of them was stillborn, and the other 2 had fluids in their lungs from birth. We gave a marathon fight for them with no success. It is the sad part of breeding. 

Yara developed again very mild mastitis, so we know if there is a next time we will be treating her some days before labor - based on our vet's recommendation. She has been nursing her kittens and has been a wonderful loving mom, however she didn't have enough milk for everyone, so we were sleep deprived again for some weeks from bottle-feeding. Hehe 

The kittens on the bellow pictures are 2.5 weeks old and have started thriving on their own. Yara remains a fabulous mother and we are very proud of her. 

Mango did also a fantastic job - all kittens have fantastic big muzzles and long profiles like he has, and the cute / kind eyes. 



Our Russian Queen RU* GreyClaws Canker-Rose is looking for her forever home.

DOB 10/23/15

Due to her borderline HD, and the lack of heat cycles, we have decided to not breed with her and accept the cards Mother Nature has dealt us. 

Rose is a fantastic girl with magnificent colors. Her personality is out of this world; she will talk to you and make sure she gets your attention every single time. She loves to jump on your back and cuddle for hours. She is a MASSIVE girl, built like a tank and has the size of a boy. 

She has had her echo screenings done, and passed them with flying colors. She will leave from our home spayed and with adoption contract.

If you would like more information about Rose, feel free to fill out our Questionnaire form and make a note that you're asking for Rose. We would prefer a home with no other cats.