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" Hello! My name is Christina - the one who takes care of all social media accounts at MetatronEyes, so we have probably talked by now either through private messages or comments.

I always try to reply to everyone, because we truly appreciate all the support and compliments we receive on a daily basis, but of course it is sometimes impossible. Either way, it is my daily routine that is very important to me.

I was born and raised in Greece, and this is also where MetatronEyes started. You’re gonna laugh, but I was indeed only 16 years old when I had thhavee idea of starting a cattery, and I did everything in my power to follow through with it.

It took years of hard work to be where we are now. Years of failure, learning, understanding, true struggles, a lot of tears and desperation, a lot of starting all over again, but in a way I was growing up while MetatronEyes grew as well.

Stronger, more transparent, more honest, and always striving to be the best we can.
I’m also the one that organizes each mating, studies each pedigree, researches everything and takes most breeding decisions - not because “I am better than the rest”, but because I have dedicated and sacrificed most of my teenage years to this breed, to this cattery, to this passion - and I dare to say I feel extremely confident in what we do today and how we do things.

My job however is quite different from breeding. I’m a photographer of fine art, photojournalist and last, commercial. Before I met my husband, Lee, I had just finished my teaching diploma for german and was planning on studying psychology in Vienna.
”Somehow” things changed and Lee was my mentor in photography and I joined his company and ever since we’ve been the best photography team we could ever wish for.
For a living, we periodically photograph houses and resorts of the high end market and edit the rest 90% of the time at home which allows us to be 24/7 with our cats.
You can view our website here:
We also travel across the world for fine art and photojournalism, producing prints, taking part in seminars as honorary guest speakers and present our work in galleries.
You can find our work here: 
Currently we have taken off work for commercial photography and are more focused on fine art. This is our current project that also includes our Maine Coons:

" Hello! My name is Lee Browning and I'm a photographer. I was born in Arkansas, USA.

The first ambition of my youth was photography. Over the years, my course has passed from law to the performing arts, computer science, and finance – serendipitously picking up some incredibly useful skills along the way. Even pursuing my private pilot’s license has the bias of photographic purpose. My road has always led me back to photography, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have this as my professional focus in life.

From my perspective, it is not enough to simply photograph a place that is visually striking; to tell a story, a photograph must incorporate the deep threads of our world’s history for it to realize a greater purpose. This purpose should be for wholesome benefit of the viewer – to please the eye and stimulate the mind. This leads me on a quest to seek out the most interesting places and peoples of the world, not only to capture them, but attempt to understand their meaning as well. This is a journey without end, and my life is all the better for it. "

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My mother, Eva, has always been the rock of our cattery with her knowledge in the medical field, as well as the vast experience she’s had with animals and breeding ever since she was a teenager.
When she first got into the idea of breeding as a young woman, she took her dog and went to the specialist to have all the hereditary health tests done in order to see if she qualifies as a breeding dog — and this is a philosophy that she has given on to our cattery.
Eva’s greatest passion are animals; taking care of them, and raising them in the most loving way.
My mom was born in Vienna, Austria. She studied and worked in the radiology field until she moved to Greece in 1986, and has lived there consistently ever since. She became a german tutor and has used her talent in linguistics to help people of all ages, not only to learn but to thrive with the German language.

She has been teaching german for the last 15 years in Greece, however, as her daughter I have watched her work endlessly to provide for us during a difficult time in our lives, and I’ve always wanted for her to retire early.
Therefor, my mom is now enjoying her retirement doing what she loves — breeding Maine Coons, and helping us take care of all the animals while we are on business/photography trips. I’m extremely happy and thankful that I was able to continue and support her biggest passion.

My sister Monika is our "supervisor”. Haha

She is always taking care of our cats when we are gone on a trip and this is honestly a huge help and support for us.

Her profession is a Horse Riding instructor and she is currently doing her diploma for Equine Therapy.


This is a relatively new idea of ours and we can't wait to fill up the album with many more memories! 

Here you can find pictures of our day to day activities, even of some of our photography adventures, and of all our family member, animals included.