“She is doing quite well actually! Frisco is very leery of her and he is looking at me like he is insulted, haha, but she isn’t giving him the time of day, LOL, so he will get over it soon I think.
She really hates my dog, but he is very easy-going and leaving her alone so we will just let them see each other through the French doors for now until she stops hissing! “

Whoa Nelly now lives in Texas with Beth & Bill. They’re a fantastic home and repeat adopter of a MetatronEyes kitten. In the pictures you can see MetatronEyes Quentin Tarantino (aka Frisco) who will be now Whoa Nelly’s big brother and we couldn’t be happier about that.


“Just wanted you to see the fluffs! The vet was extremely impressed with both! Very healthy, STRONG, sound.

He says Isaac will gain more length but is likely his full height. Weight is good, not fat! Yay! Weighing in at 26 pounds! He is a lap full!!! And his paws are quite large!!!! Such a good boy!!!!

Leica is healthy as well!!!!! Remains very curious and now very loving!!! Sleeps on me every night!!!! (Bc my husband won't allow her to curl up with him- HER preference!!! Chuckle! I'll take it though!!! ). Hearing is odd, sometimes I would swear she hears something I hear!!!! But mostly, no. She weighs in at 14 pounds. She is truly hLf his size. Their heads are so different !

Doc really enjoyed them both!!! So- all is well!!!”

Mohatu & Leica were adopted together by our wonderful friend, Marci who has always given the most amazing care to both of them and kept us updated throughout the years. We are so very thankful to her for all the love and care she provides to them.


“ He’s a dream!!! Being great in vehicle. PUrr monster. Thank you so very much! We are so so in love!! Ate well. Has had solid stool. Poseidon is wonderful. All checked out. Weighs 7.2 lbs. got a tricat distemper shot. Did amazing. Is purring already. Lol. “



Poseidon lives now with our dear friends Christina & Andrew. He has a fantastic spoiled life and the most amazing fur-parents any kitten could have ever wished for. Thank you so much Chris & Andrew for the most amazing care you give to our boy.