The following matings and plans have been extensively considered. We never ever allow accidents to happen. Certain cats need a certain partner that compliments each other. There is no perfect cat; however we can try to work towards perfection by balancing the right lines, amount of inbreeding, good health, and very importantly – good temperament. 

Furthermore, you can read under every mating the reasons why we chose those particular cats. Of course there can always be surprises that come out of each and every combination, but we welcome wholeheartedly every one of them! 

This will be a lovely combination with very interesting lines, out of Europe, Japan and USA. The COI will be 14%, so the inbreeding will be relatively low/average.

We know many of you love our King, Jack, and have been awaiting kittens from him for a long time.

Jack is a heavy solid boy, with a weight of 22lbs only muscle. His boning is incredibly strong and we think he is the perfect match for Kicky.

Kicky is more of the longer, leaner type but for a female, her size is enormous. (She is still growing, and hasn't had time yet to add volume)

Both cats’ type is fantastic. Profiles have no bumps — are smooth with a gentle stop — followed by lovely foreheads, huge muzzles but in harmony with the face, super coat and overall beautiful cats with sweet temperaments.

We are expecting silver/smoke, solid black kittens out of that mating.

Fingers crossed that everything will go as planned!