To view more details of our previous litters, click on each box of each litter we’ve had in USA.


Litter Y is such a special litter! Our very first kittens with such a low COI%! They claim the lower the complete inbreeding, the healthier the kittens and when you really think about it, it makes sense!

All kittens are doing wonderful, are super social — they wag their tail when they come to greet you, they are absolutely beautiful fluffy bears and so sweet.

Odette was an INCREDIBLE first time mother that loves her babies so very much. All kittens have a wonderful personality, sweet, outgoing and are simply beautiful.

We have welcomed a very long awaited litter, Litter W! A very special mating since the Queen is the 3rd generation of our breeding and the babies make the 4th generation. A fantastic and very interesting pedigree as well, after our Queen US*MetatronEyes Ottie and our King RU* GreyClaws Keith.

We have welcomed our special Litter V! After our sweetest Queen US*MetatronEyes Morgan Le Fay and our enormous King US*MetatronEyes Quigley Down Under. 

We have welcomed our beautiful Litter U, from a very special mating! After our beautiful Queen US*MetatronEyes Pearl Jam and our stunning huge King US*MetatronEyes Quigley Down Under. 

We have welcomed our very unique Litter T, from a very special mating! After our beautiful Queen RU*Unicum Yara had a year's worth of break from her last litter, we decided that the most suitable male for her would be our King US*MetatronEyes Mango. 

We have welcomed our very first white litter after moving our cattery to USA!! Our joy is beyond describable! We are also thrilled with this combination that our dear friend, and breeding partner Terri Toulze from TTCats made possible, with her handsome stud US*CH Koontyme Flanigan of US*TTCats. 

We have welcomed a surprise litter out of our previous Queen US*Kilaueakoons Makai and Kokuakat’s King, Kokuakats Ali’i’. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bittersweet experience. You can read the whole story when you click the box. It is a tribute to our baby, Nori.

Our very first and most welcomed, USA* MetatronEyes Litter O! This is our very first litter in the USA. As cattery it's not of course. This is a very unique and special litter out of our Queen RU* Unicum Yara and our King GR* MetatronEyes Lee Browning!