We have already dedicated a pretty big part of our ABOUT US page to show you how we and our cats live.

However, we moved in 2016 to our new home near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Customizing this home is an exciting project for us and we are taking one step at a time outfitting each room to be exactly the way we want it - especially for our fluffs. 

So, let us walk you through our home virtually! 

This is it! Our little ranch dream home! And not only that, but where our cattery is located as well! We couldn't have found a better home. We waited four years to find the best home in order for a cattery to be able to operate in an ethical way with lots of rooms and plenty of space. 3,300sqft will allow all this! But not only that! 17 acres of land will allow us to build really beautiful cat runs for our fluffs to enjoy the outside at anytime! 

This is our office space! Where we do basically everything every day! As self employed photographers, we work a lot from home when we don't travel doing photography. 

Also, that is where we edit and update our website and where we take a weekend to reply to all you guys' emails! It's a really quiet office space and we have secured all the cables so no fluffs can destroy them or get hurt. When we work, our cats will most of the time sit on the window watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits unless, they try to get some attention from us by walking on our keyboards! If you ever receive an email that sounds like: " You can have the Malamutes for free ", please ignore.  

This is part of our dinning area - a picture taken at winter time, around Christmas. As much as we love the view of our land, it cannot be compared to the view we have at summer time - everything is vivid green. 

That is also the table where we do most of our cat photography on - we promise we clean it every time after!!

And this is the place where our cats hang around the most. They love sunbathing in front of the windows and enjoying the view while the air condition on the ground blows air on their little fluffs between their toes, so they never have to worry about getting too warm. It's a tough life...